Eco-friendly Fashion Brands List

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Sustainable fashion is in and here to stay! If you’re looking for local brands that sell beautifully made clothing and accessories while being environmentally friendly, these are the brands for you.

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Eco-friendly Fashion Brands List

Eco-friendly Fashion Brands List

But how can we find out if a brand is really sustainable? Many brands make the mistake of claiming to be completely sustainable when in fact they lack some of the necessary requirements. True sustainability is not only about the environment, but also about our economy and society. It is not just a product, but also includes the processes that lead to that final product.

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The brands we’ve featured below stay true to their vision of paving the way for sustainable fashion by being transparent about their actions in ethical environmental and labor practices. These diverse local brands have carefully crafted the perfect clothing and accessories for every Filipino and those who have access to them. Whether you’re looking for summer basics or high-end pieces that showcase Filipino culture, these brands have products for you.

With the help of the UP Apparel Technology Student Association, we were able to feature some of the incredible local brands that promote ethical shopping. We will keep updating this gallery as we learn more brands.

Check out the gallery below to see if any of these ethical Filipino brands catch your eye!

ANTHILL is the perfect brand for everyday girls. The brand offers a wide range of clothing and accessories that not only promote Filipino woven textiles, but also cater to Filipinos young and old. They help protect the environment by using natural textiles, recycled parts and recycled textile waste. For more information, visit

The Small And Conscious Fashion Brands I Shop

If you need some vintage basics, Honest Clothing has you covered! Their foundation line comes in a variety of colors while still being affordable. Their parts are stitched together by artisans and made from dead fabrics. If you’re a steady girl, this is definitely the shop for you! For more information, visit

Craftcha offers clothing products made from recycled textiles suitable for women who prefer loose and flowy clothes. From skirts, shorts, dresses, and t-shirts, Craftcha can create a variety of designs from different designs found on flour sacks. For more information, visit

Find your classic sarongs, kimonos and malongs in modern style at Diseño Del Sur. The brand not only creates handmade clothing and uses hinabol, but also makes bags and jewelry that easily elevate your everyday look. For more information, visit

Eco-friendly Fashion Brands List

Elevate your style with Filip + Inna’s carefully designed Filipino clothing line. The brand’s deep appreciation of local textiles and craftsmanship flows through their sophisticated and modern pieces. Their sustainable practices don’t stop with clothing, but also extend to how they help the families and communities of their artisans. Show your love for the Philippines and the environment by purchasing Filip + Inna! For more information, visit

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Jump on the corset trend with Hello Habi corsets and hats made from recycled fabrics and recycled flour sacks. The variety of their designs shows vibrancy, color and class while also being distinctive. For more information, visit

Jann Bungcaras is helping pave the way for sustainable, genderless fashion in the Philippines. Their unisex designs practice slow fashion and are assembled from sustainable sources. In addition to purchasing these amazing pieces, customers also have the option to order custom clothing from the brand. For more information, visit

Whether you’re at the beach or having lunch with friends, KAAYO has beautiful designs incorporating local textiles just for you. The brand offers sustainable living for women, using natural dyes and weaving with local fibers to create their attractive designs for both men and women. For more information, visit

Whether you like bags big or small, minimal or colorful, Larone Artisans has a bag for you. Their durable bags have been expertly crafted by artisans using natural fibers. This international brand also allows Filipinos abroad to support our culture and be environmentally friendly as well. For more information, visit

Discover The Hottest Sustainable Fashion Brands On Social Media!

Looking for relaxed wear with a touch of our local heritage? Well, Maison Metisse has got you covered! Not only do they practice sustainability when it comes to their packaging, but they also use natural colors and natural fabrics. For more information, visit

Need a laundry job that has a touch of personality? Re Clothing offers jackets, t-shirts and polo shirts that have been redesigned and redesigned using Re Clothing embroidery. They also offer a range of comfortable clothing made from sturdy fabric, perfect for after-work activities! For more information, visit

RETASO bags from their new Peñablanca collection are definitely a summer must-have. Made from recycled fabric scraps and plastic, their bags come in bright and bold colors that are sure to complete your look! For more information, visit

Eco-friendly Fashion Brands List

Bring comfort and color into your life with RIOtaso patchwork clothing made from recycled fabric scraps. You can further show your individual personality through RIOtaso’s personalized services, where you can choose which fabrics to mix and match for a unique outfit. For more information, visit

Can Nature Inspire Sustainable Fashion?

Stay cool and cool with your friends this summer while being green! Sunki offers a variety of clothing options made from their OEKO-TEX certified linen. Their classic yet colorful design definitely brings a playful touch to ethical and sustainable consumption. For more information, visit

For classic silhouettes with a touch of individuality, check out Tela MNL. With their wide range of clothing, you’re sure to find something for every occasion. Their carefully crafted pieces aim to reduce pollution by using recycled and sustainable materials. For more information, visit

First Philippine Holdings (FPH) is a pioneering holding company with major interests in clean and renewable energy, real estate, manufacturing, construction, healthcare and education. FPH is a member of the Lopez Group of Companies.

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Top 10 Women Founded Sustainable Fashion Brands

You’ve heard of the major players in fast fashion. Brands like Shein, H&M and Forever 21 have digital and in-person shoppers. On average, people bought 60% more clothes in 2014 than they did in 2000, and that number is steadily increasing. Unfortunately, people kept the outfit for half as long.

Consumers are also spending more on their clothes in a post-pandemic world: clothing retailers saw an 18.3% increase in sales earlier this year.

As you might expect, all that extra clothing isn’t doing the planet any favors. Fast fashion has a huge impact on the environment: it is responsible for around a third of all microplastics found in the ocean and produces 20% of global water waste. In addition, 85% of all textiles end up in landfills every year. To put it into perspective, that’s the equivalent of a garbage truck being thrown into a landfill every second.

Eco-friendly Fashion Brands List

But even as the truth about fast fashion comes out and sparks important conversations on social media, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. It is one of the most affordable and affordable ways to buy clothes. And we fully understand that most consumers are more willing to spend $10 on a fashionable bandage than $60 on a sustainable option made from organic cotton.

Sparkpick Project In Sustainable Fashion And Design For Behavioral Change — Monica Ma Portfolio

That’s what these rankings are for. No fast fashion brand is truly green, but we’re here to give conscious consumers the information they need to make the most responsible and sustainable purchases possible. If you decide to consume fast fashion in this way, you will know which brands are taking steps in the right direction – and which have mastered the art of well-managed greenwashing.

The team compared eight popular fast fashion brands to see how they ranked from a consumer perspective. This includes examining everything from the brand’s production levels (how often do they release new parts?) to its sustainability initiatives (and whether any progress has been made towards those goals).

We scored brands out of 25 points based on their scale of production, efforts to reduce waste, use of sustainable materials, ethical working practices and commitment to a sustainable future. Each category is rated from 1 to 5, with 1 being the least environmentally friendly and 5 being the most environmentally friendly.

Although it operates on a traditional fast fashion model, the UNIQLO brand focuses on timeless basics that can outlast fleeting trends. The brand is relatively older and is actually one of the most committed to meeting its sustainability goals.

List Of Sustainable Fashion Brands At Maison Rmi

Unlike most others

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