Fashion-forward Winter Wardrobe

Fashion-forward Winter Wardrobe – Since 2020, I have committed to building a capsule wardrobe for each season. Every season, I take stock of my closet, the gaps that need to be filled, and I make a list of the things I need to make sure I have a basic foundation. This list keeps me focused and helps me avoid impulse purchases. The pandemic made this task a little easier, because we honestly didn’t attend many events, and therefore we didn’t have to dress up for events. For the few holiday events we have this winter, I find myself pulling pieces out of my capsule wardrobe and adding standout accessories for a festive flair.

I’m much happier with my closet since building my wardrobe around basics (and a strong quality over quantity mindset). I no longer find myself thinking “I have nothing to wear” – there are always ways to mix and match to style the perfect outfit for any occasion.

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Fashion-forward Winter Wardrobe

Fashion-forward Winter Wardrobe

After watching others share capsule wardrobes over the years, I decided to put one together. Merritt Beck of Style Scribe did a great job compiling a capsule wardrobe and sharing a PDF with outfit ideas – I was so inspired by her PDF that it led me to create one with 150 outfit options based on 31 items in my winter. capsule wardrobe. A few things to keep in mind…

Winter Clothes: 21 Stylish Options For Ladies To Try This Season

Here’s some inspiration to help you put together your winter wardrobe. Feel free to swap out items that might be more flattering for your body type – I know not everyone loves a chunky black boot or faux leather leggings. Other options could be a stylish black Chelsea boot or a pair of faux leather trousers.

Depending on your height, wearing a dress with ankle boots can cut your legs in an unflattering line and is best paired with knee high boots.

Chunky black boots are best paired with a looser knit dress, or make sure to balance out the volume on the bottom with an extra layer on top so the dress isn’t too tight against the big boot. I’m including some looser options – I’m waiting for my perfect style dress and shoes to arrive when I share this post so I’m not sure about the fit 🙂

You’ll see jewelry and hats listed in the capsule, but not included in one of the inspiration outfits. I decided to do this because I wear my jewelry every day and it seems redundant to match it with every outfit. As for the beanie, it can be paired with any of the outfits if it’s cool enough to wear.

Winter Whites: Faux Pas Or Fashion Forward?

The PDF is available below for download and for those interested in purchasing, I have items linked (plus some replacement styles to provide a mix + if something sells out) below as well. I have many of these items (or on order and waiting for them to arrive), so I’m happy to help you with any questions you may have. You can always email me ( or DM me on instagram. These links are commission based links so I get a small commission if you decide to buy from them.

For some items that I can’t link via liketoknowit, I’ve included the link below:

Black Wallet: I don’t own a Polene bag, but I’ve heard good things about the quality and think it’s a great option for a good bag under $500. The Curated bag is a great option for under $500 (if you can grab one while it’s in stock). If you’re looking for something under $100, I’m very happy with my official Charles and Keith bag (ivory linked above).

Fashion-forward Winter Wardrobe

My most worn jewelry is my disc necklace from Phyllis and Rosie and my hoop earrings from Kara Strope Designs. I’ve been wearing my necklace almost every day for over a year (working out, showering, etc.) and have had no issues with tarnishing. Same with my earrings. I also love that they are both small women’s brands and I love being able to support them.

What To Wear In Nyc In Winter

As I mentioned earlier in the post, please reach out via email or DM on Instagram with any questions. I hope you enjoy this post and I look forward to creating more capsule wardrobes for seasons to come.

Kelly McCoyd is a 30-year-old Florida native who moved to Washington, DC in 2017 for Texas. Always passionate about helping others, she pursued a career as a physician assistant and currently works in the field of infectious diseases. Although medicine takes up most of his time, he always has an eye for all things fashion. Kelly McCoyd’s idea came during an impromptu dinner at DC’s quintessential restaurant, Le Diplomate. Over a glass of bubbly rosé and a warm shrimp salad, Kelly decided, with the enthusiastic encouragement of Sheldon (her husband), to take the plunge and start a blog. Kelly strongly believes in the importance of investing in timeless pieces and primarily dedicates her social accounts to sharing outfit tips and inspiration to help others maximize their wardrobes. She hopes to inspire others to create a wardrobe that can be easily mixed and matched, ensuring you’re always ready for any occasion. Beyond fashion, she sprinkles her love of good food, cocktails, travel and home decor. This capsule wardrobe ideal for moms this season is filled with cozy and functional pieces that will help men get dressed more easily.

When I became a late fall mom and experienced my first winter (cabin fever) spent mostly indoors with a newborn, I realized how better dressed made me feel, and a winter capsule wardrobe was a must.

Getting dressed can be difficult as a mom, especially if you’re in that difficult postpartum phase and have to change clothes every few hours to make a baby or toddler-related mess.

French Winter Fashion Must Haves

I know that getting dressed every day (or most days) will help me feel better about myself, but I also know that my wardrobe needs to be put together seriously to make it easy to get dressed. I also realize that some types of clothing are unrealistic to wear during this stage of life (eg anything dry cleanable).

I had done capsule(ish) wardrobes before for other seasons and knew that a streamlined wardrobe where everything I knew would make me feel good was what I needed.

When I started thinking more about what I needed in my mom’s specific winter capsule wardrobe, I kept coming back to a few important factors:

Fashion-forward Winter Wardrobe

Here in New England. With freezing temperatures, cold winds, snow, sleet, ice and all of the above coming for months, make sure your winter capsule wardrobe is comfortable, functional and still makes you

Winter Capsule Wardrobe: How To Fight The Sahm Frump

I found that when I was postpartum I really couldn’t stand wearing clothes that weren’t 100% comfortable. That’s why when creating your mom-approved winter wardrobe, comfort is priority #1. No one feels good feeding a baby or chasing a toddler around in itchy sweaters, jeans that feel too tight, or clothes that they don’t keep it warm. If you’re actually going to dress up, your clothes should feel good!

If there’s one season you should prioritize investing in highly functional clothing staples that can be more expensive, it’s that season. A warm, sustainable winter jacket will cost more, but will probably last a decade or more and help you stay warm and really enjoy winter.

Finally there is style to consider. Although winter is not the most advanced season, you can still organize that winter capsule wardrobe

The winter months can feel like they’re on their way, and making sure the clothes in your wardrobe make you feel good about yourself is just one form of daily self-care.

Classic Winter Essentials That Never Go Out Of Style — Hello Adams Family

When you first sit down to plan your mom-approved winter capsule wardrobe, I highly recommend putting all of your winter pieces on your bed by category (sousels, boots, pants, jackets, etc.). That way, when you start planning what you like right now, what you need, and what you really don’t like.

Now start going through your current wardrobe and pull out everything you can really imagine in the coming months. The piece you throw will be the foundation of your winter capsule that we will work on to build the rest of the capsule wardrobe. The rest you can wrap to see if you really lost it, or you can try to sell or donate it.

Once you have a good idea of ​​what your outfit is

Fashion-forward Winter Wardrobe

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