Korean Beauty Skincare Routine

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Amanda Montell has worked as a beauty editor in Los Angeles for over three years, covering hair, skin, and more. She previously worked for Time magazine, Cosmopolitan and more. She is a feature editor and is currently a freelance translator.

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Korean Beauty Skincare Routine

Korean Beauty Skincare Routine

Michelle is a freelance writer and editor with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her work has appeared in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, The Zoe Report, W Magazine,

My Skin Care Routine Now. I Know About Purrito And It Is So Sad. What Would You Change Here? My Skin Is Normal. I Have Dark Circles Under Eyes. Maybe Add Something

The woman in the photo above is 39 years old. We will give you some time to process it. If you are wondering who this timeless beauty is and how you can have what she has, allow us to introduce you to Lee Sa-Bi, South Korean model, actress and the first Korean to pose.

. We have all heard about the superiority of Korean skin care procedures. Most of us have picked up snippets of popular lines like AmorePacific and Belif, and are familiar with the famous 10-step Korean skincare regimen that starts with a cleansing oil and ends with a night cream.

But we wanted to take a closer look at the skincare routine of someone with skin as youthful as Sa-Bi’s. With Peach & Lily founder Alicia Yoon translating for us, we spoke to the young model about all things skincare. Plus, we enlisted K-beauty skincare expert Eugene He and board-certified dermatologist Ava Shamban to give us their take.

Continue to learn more about Sa-Bi’s comprehensive, personalized skin care routine, which includes the essential elements for perfect facial skin.

Korean Skincare: The Difference Between Serums, Essences & Ampoules

While traditional cleansers are made with surfactants that can be drying and strip the skin of its natural oils, oil-based cleansers are meant to be gentler on the skin and its pH balance. “An oil cleanser is usually high in natural antioxidants and can help protect the skin’s natural lipid layer and microbiome (the good bacteria that live there) and protect against pathogens entering our largest organ, the skin,” says Shamban. . “They attract and bind to oils, making this type of cleanser a popular choice for those who wear very oily facial makeup, as it is an effective way to remove them.”

As for Sa-Bi’s current skincare routine in Korea, she says that now that she is 30 years old, she has become much more diligent. “In your 20s, the focus is on prevention, which of course requires effort, patience and consistency,” she says. “But at 30, I’m definitely more information-oriented when it comes to skincare. I want to know and understand what I’m putting on my skin. For example, take this cleansing balm from Ceramiracle, which has a brilliant list of skin-loving ingredients like moringa oil, turmeric extract, and broccoli seed oil.

“Pot cleaner is a water-based cleaner that comes in liquid or gel form. When mixed with water, the surfactants foam and dissolve dirt and grime,” she says. “When used alone, the foaming cleanser acts as an all-around skin cleanser. When used in a 10-step routine, the foaming cleanser is used to further remove unemulsified makeup or oil residue from the skin “. If you have very dry skin, choose one with milder, naturally derived surfactants.

Korean Beauty Skincare Routine

A double cleansing of Sa-Bi is essential. “On days when I’m on air or filming, I have so much makeup on that a longer but gentle double cleansing is a must, no matter how tired I am when I’m done filming or filming. I massage it thoroughly and make sure it’s removed. all the makeup,” he explains.

I Tried A K Beauty 10 Step Skin Care Routine For A Month

Shamban says the ultimate goal of exfoliation is to lift and remove dead cells from the outer layer of the skin, removing buildup in the pores and surface of the skin. “This will improve the function and appearance of the skin, as a lack of cell renewal can cause the skin to appear pale, dry or sallow, as well as rough patches, clogged pores and the appearance of fine lines or pigmentation problems,” Explain. . In other words, exfoliation helps you get rid of that dull outer layer and reveal brighter, healthier skin cells.

Your skin type will determine what type of exfoliant to use. According to He, people with dry or mature skin should choose a gentle, acid-based chemical exfoliant, while those with oily skin can use physical exfoliants containing abrasives such as walnut shells or rice powder, while those with sensitive skin can use softer ones. …enzymes. – or chlorophyll-based exfoliants.

Think of toner as the final cleansing step, but not in the astringent way we’re used to. Toners in the K-beauty world focus more on hydrating, nourishing and soothing, acting as skin conditioners to restore the skin’s pH after cleansing. “Glycolic acid, niacinamide, and soothing agents are used to maintain the skin’s pH balance and support its cellular function and integrity,” explains Shamban. “K-beauty seems to lean more towards some sort of cream toner hybrids that are lightweight but more milky in consistency than watery.” He notes that these toners are typically high in amino acids and reinforce the skin barrier, making them ideal for sensitive or very dry skin.

Sa-Bi is changing up her skincare routine for a brighter spring. “Right now I’m obsessed with the Shangpree Bitgoa line and especially the toner because it gives you a glow with really amazing ingredients. This spa is well known for making some of the favorite products that women look for for serious skin care. “, says. Currently out of stock, we’re big fans of this skin cooling kit from Cosrx.

My Korean Skincare Routine

According to He, essences may seem like an unnecessary step to non-K-beauty fans, but their function is to prepare the skin to better absorb the serum. “Using one essence allows you to layer additional actives on the skin without the hassle of using two serums,” she explains. “A good essence will also provide additional protection to the skin barrier by reducing transepidermal water loss.” We love this mist essence from Missha because it is as refreshing as it is easy to apply and leaves the skin primed and ready to hydrate in the next steps.

Ah, serums. They were the gold standard for skincare, regardless of skin type or texture (yes, including oily skin). She explains that serums are highly concentrated skin lotions that contain active ingredients that improve the skin’s condition and typically target one or two skin care concerns at a time. The ampoules are also serums, but they come in single-use containers and are a powerful cocktail for the skin. Shamban says that the ampoules are not always necessary for daily use, but they are suitable for periodic use, a little excessive.

If you have dry skin, she tries ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and squalane. People with oily skin should consider serums and ampoules that use the skin-friendly properties of algae enzyme or honey extract, or stem cells and peptides for mature skin.

Korean Beauty Skincare Routine

Sa-Bi says she’s always had a “calming and ritual” element to skincare. “When I was a child, I watched my mother wash her face with rice water, which she nourishes and brightens,” she says. “It was all very ritualistic. You throw away the first batch of rice water and use the second batch. Then you only use water to rinse well. I grew up doing it too because I saw my mom do it. It was all part of learning to take care of myself.

Korean Regimen Kit Step By Step: Combination Skin

Cue sheet masks, popularized for their ability to create a spa-like experience at home. “I have been applying a mask every night for the last eight years, no matter what. I did it without missing a single day. You can definitely call me a mask expert. I’ve tried thousands of masks and I love quick and deep hydration and shine masks. If you do it daily, you’ll see long-term benefits too,” she says.

If you have open sores or cystic acne, he warns against using masks because they can worsen your skin.

“The 10-Step Eye Cream is designed to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles,” she explains. “Look for one that is lightweight, fragrance-free, and spreads easily. It should also contain peptides, as these ingredients hold the most promise for combating signs of aging around the eyes.” When applying it, remember not to stretch or pull the skin under your eyes; This area is thinner than the rest of the face and, therefore, more delicate.

Do you have problems with inflammation under the eyes? Store your eye cream in the refrigerator for skin care; The cold will help reduce swelling.

The Ultimate Korean Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

One of the main benefits of a moisturizer, it is also designed to protect the skin from the environment. Shamban points out that although many serums and masks that are part

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