Trendy Makeup Tutorial Videos

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Trendy Makeup Tutorial Videos

Trendy Makeup Tutorial Videos

Ashley Rebecca is a New York-based makeup artist and regular contributor covering makeup, skincare, and haircare.

Best Halloween Makeup Tutorials And Easy Ideas For 2023

We’re often overwhelmed when we learn about new things in the beauty world: Korea’s amazing (and weird) foundation powder; how using a sponge polish gives the best results; and how using just a dab of bronzer under the bottom lip creates the illusion of a full pout. While we’ve collected these tips from makeup artists, friends, and the dark corners of the Internet, there’s one beauty trend we can always rely on as a resource: YouTube makeup tutorials.

The numbers don’t lie: millions of people, including us here at HQ, flock to the site to learn how to create a beautiful new look. There’s something satisfying about watching someone go through the entire makeup process from start to finish and seeing the transformation unfold, so to give you some eye candy, we’ve rounded up our favorite tutorials (including some. There’s been a throw makeup hack video.good measure).

Sona Gasparian has a smart tip for using black lipstick: when working on the top point, tilt your head down so you can collect all the lost areas, and vice versa for the bottom point (put your head up). When you’re done, Gasparian created a stunning cool-weather beauty look, complete with Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner in Goldrush in your tear ducts for a golden accent. It is one of the market, but Revlon So Fierce! Chrome Ink Liquid Pen Eyeliner in Bronze ($9) is another good option.

When a makeup artist posts a video of himself doing a celebrity glam session, we feel like we’re in on a big secret (even if millions of other people have access to the video). As such, we pause, go back, make notes, and test our attitudes hoping and praying that at least half of it turns out.

Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial

Take, for example, the perfect daily tutorial created by the fabulous Lisa Eldridge for supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Bronze eyes? Check it out. Insidious targeting? Check it out. A stunning finished product? Double check. Rosie even let us in on her beauty secret: she always lines her upper lip before applying lip balm to “cheat a few edges.” (Though it’s safe to say the pillow model doesn’t require any options).

Today’s drugstores sell a wide variety of colorful, long-lasting makeup. This tutorial shows you the best way to get a great look, using products that are fully stocked at your neighborhood drugstore.

You can make any drugstore eyeshadow look like a premium eyeshadow by first applying a white liner to your lids. This way, the pigment has something to start with (think of it as a primer).

Trendy Makeup Tutorial Videos

Do your arches ever look, well, too arched? Brush your hair from the bottom instead of the top before you fill in with the pencil so you can carefully trace the top of your forehead instead of going over your style. Then, brush them back into place and apply a little concealer to any patches that still need filling. Finally, use the brow powder on top of the concealer (doing this gives the powder a better hold).

Eye Makeup Tutorials

This video of Bella Hadid walking us through her quick jet-lagged beauty routine has earned a spot on our list of the best makeup tutorials because it’s so simple. With just a few well-placed products, Bella has a fresh, makeup-free look.

A rare, candid look at Kim Kardashian West doing her own makeup reveals plenty of nuggets of wisdom. Tip: Dab some Giorgio Armani Illuminator under your foundation for a subtle glow. Tip Two: Apply foundation all over your face, including your lips (this helps prep your lips for color later). Tip Three: Set your concealer (a staple of Kardashian’s beauty routine) with pink powder and set the concealer around your mouth (to fill in lines) with yellow powder. Tip Four: A little bit of highlighter under your eyes (playing casual and not telling us what you’re using because some “fun stuff” comes out) to brighten up your face.

We love that tonight’s tutorial sees two favorites, celebrity makeup artists Joey Maaloof and Monica Blunder, take on the Blunderas muse. Maalouf is a genius at manipulating makeup to match what Blunder considers “aging” skin and proves that the tunnel is amazing.

Ah, the beauty of France. It’s so incredibly effortless; it makes us wonder if there is a magical floating pot in the Seine that inspires

Dark And Glamorous: 6 Step By Step Goth Makeup Tutorials

To skip the heavy makeup. Even in what he calls “fun” makeup, blogger Maripie Morinhas creates a glam look that’s also natural (not a dose of baking or strobing to be seen here). Plus, every product is from Revlon (read: cheap) Home > Beauty & Grooming > Makeup > 6 Tips on How to Achieve Traditional Foxy Eye Makeup

Finally, the beauty trend that is possible for ordinary people is not only for catwalk models and celebrities. If your algorithm isn’t picking you up, handcuff eye makeup is trending all over Instagram. We’ve seen many interpretations of the face online, but they all have the same foxy features that you always see as a fox.

The trend is said to have been inspired by Bella Hadid, who often wears a fox look to give the illusion of elongated eyes. Because it is a fox, it is because it has sharp internal angles and extended wings. Some even go as far as shaving off thin eyebrows, shaping the sides of their noses to make them look sharper and pulling their hair back for photos to give them an even taller look. She also has almond eyes, similar to those of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Trendy Makeup Tutorial Videos

Eye cuff makeup is one of the most viral and flattering looks to hit the internet, thanks to celebrities like Bella Hadid. The style makes the eyes appear longer, giving a rounded look easily with eyeliner. Sharp edges and thin winged eyeliner highlight your eye makeup, creating a dazzling look.

Amazing Makeup Tutorials To Get That Fab Festival Look

A fox eye makes your eye shape appear longer by applying eyeliner to the outer and inner corner to resemble a fox eye shape, as opposed to a cat eye which is similar to a winged eye look.

Also, the eyeliner for a fox eye is drawn to the desired length towards the brow bone, while for a cat eye it is usually winged and the eyeliner can be thicker than usual.

Products needed for fox eye makeup include an eye primer, eyeliner, concealer brush, and an eyeshadow palette in neutral shades. Adding false lashes will create more definition and flattering. Keep a few Q-tips nearby to clean up any makeup imperfections.

Ready to get on the bandwagon? These YouTube tutorials should help. The fox eye look seems to suit all face shapes, including those with exaggerated creases.

Christmas Party Makeup Tutorials

Brianna Fox’s tutorial will be one of the first videos that comes up if you search for “fake fox face”. His video received more than 700,000 views in one month. He not only demonstrates but also shares his tips and hacks on how to remove the stain.

Judy is one of the few beauty gurus who has epic folds – so if you do, this is the video for you. In her video, she teaches how to line the inner corner and her tips on how to make it work especially on Asian faces.

Rachel’s video is very simple and 100% possible. It combines the fox eye style and your usual glam look in one, so it’s more wearable.

Trendy Makeup Tutorial Videos

Looking for a more informative video? This is one. Tina Yong’s tutorial shares detailed information about the fox look in her video – not only how to create the look, but also other tricks on how to achieve a more sophisticated look.

Simple And Fun Eye Makeup Looks To Recreate While Self Isolating

Kristen Dominique needs no introduction. She is one of the most popular beauty instructors in the industry, with millions of followers and her own makeup brand Dominique Cosmetics we might add. Her makeup look is a little different, focusing on eye shadow instead of the heavy eyeliner that everyone sports.

Another YouTuber who needs no introduction, Kathleen Lights’ channel is highly regarded for her review videos. She often collaborates with Colourpop and even has her own nail polish line, Lights Lacquer.

Unlike many millennials today, Jolene doesn’t need caffeine or alcohol to fuel her day (and night). Your eye for beauty is as bright as your eyelids,

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