Vintage Fashion Inspiration Ideas

Vintage Fashion Inspiration Ideas – Like so many vintage lovers, I can talk about vintage clothing, eras and styles until we’re both blue in the face, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes the best kind of inspiration is visual inspiration. So this week I’m going to share with you some really interesting sites that feature vintage styles worn by girls who specialize in making vintage their own.

I know that not everyone reading this has the same shape, style or taste, which is why I share style inspiration from girls, both slim and curvy, with tastes ranging from classic to edgy. I think you will see that vintage can easily be made yours, whatever it is.

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Vintage Fashion Inspiration Ideas

Vintage Fashion Inspiration Ideas

First up is one of my favorites, Ms. Jessica Virgin of Vintage Virgin ( Yes, Virgin is her real last name. Jessica’s style is super edgy and fun, with lots of accessories and her own inspiring brand of rock ‘n’ roll chic. Jessica specializes in tight-fitting psychedelic outfits that feature lots of bright colors and huge, sky-high heels and wedges. Her style is fresh, exciting and her own.

Addlace Studio Vintage Fashion Inspiration Print Toddlers’

A bit in the same vein as Jessica Virgin, we have Nasty Gal ( Formerly known as Nasty Gal Vintage, Nasty Gal has expanded into vintage reproductions and some modern designs. Nasty Gal is certainly a great resource if you’re looking to curate the pieces that inspire you, but I’ve found that their Lookbooks can be real gems for the retro beginner: they fearlessly mix vintage and modern items in a way that evokes that. The same type of rock goddess, the mood of the group, which Jessica Virgin does perfectly. Nasty Gal’s blog is always updated with new articles, lookbooks and interviews.

For those of you who prefer a more classic and refined approach to dressing, check out the Shrimpton Couture blog ( You could spend hours on the Shrimpton Couture website drooling over their gorgeous designer clothing and super rare, hard to find pieces. On their blog, they share gorgeous luxury books along with photographs of staff and customers wearing Shrimpton’s elegant, sophisticated and ever-growing collection of vintage clothing. This site is a real find for women who love luxury. In addition to their lookbooks, the Shrimpton Couture blog is great for seeing what vintage looks from around the web inspire their shoppers.

Finally, for curvier girls looking for vintage style inspiration, I recommend The Vintage Curvette ( This 19-year-old cutie hails from Brisbane, Australia, and she really has a way of finding affordable accessories to complement her gorgeous, curvaceous figure. You’ll be inspired by the looks she creates and the low prices she pays for some of her antique gems. She is definitely someone to watch and be inspired by.

The beauty of finding and wearing vintage clothing is that you can really make it your own. Following these blogs and the fantastic vintage-inspired blogs they lead to can make you stylish and unique with fun and affordable vintage jewelry. Returned to the mainstream after sitting out of attics for decades, vintage menswear has come back to life and is here to stay. Loved for its rejection of modern trends, unique individuality and quirky style, vintage men’s clothing is as exciting as it is popular, giving men around the world a new way to express their individual style.

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Whether you already have an old stash of vintage menswear tucked away in your own closet that you need style inspiration for, or you’re new to the vintage clothing trend and looking for outfit suggestions, stick around as we take a look at all three. most popular vintage trends in men’s clothing; classic vintage, retro and vintage sport.

There’s no denying that vintage and retro men’s styles are as popular as any trend in men’s fashion right now, with bold colors, unique patterns and retro materials popping up everywhere. Whether it’s celebrity style or TV shows like Stranger Things, vintage men’s fashion has taken over, but what is considered vintage fashion?

As one of the most general trends we’ve seen in recent years, the vintage clothing trend is completely versatile, with men choosing their favorite looks from the ’70s, ’80s and even ’90s. Some retro stylists go further back and choose Classic pieces from the 40s and 50s to add to your wardrobe. The men’s bowling shirt is an example of what no one expected: the extravagant colors and patterns, button front, and wide collar have somehow become one of our favorite bold style pieces of the 21st century. In general, all clothing popular in recent decades can be considered part of the retro style, giving all men the opportunity to make this trend their own.

Vintage Fashion Inspiration Ideas

There are many places to start when looking for vintage clothing ideas, and one that never fails is to focus on the material. While fabrics like denim, leather, and cotton dominate today’s fashion scene, in previous decades, like the 1970s and 1980s, people wore everything from corduroy pants to silk shirts, as well as our Personal favorite: corduroy.

Vintage Men’s Outfits 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s

A material that brings a distinctly vintage feel to any outfit, we’ve created our own classic men’s ensemble using two Lois Jeans corduroy pieces: the New Dallas Jumbo Cord Jeans in Dark Sand and the Tejana Jumbo Cord Overshirt in Navy. Founded in 1962, Lois Jeans didn’t just copy pieces from corduroy’s heyday, they were part of the original trend, and that only makes their styles feel even more original.

When it comes to pairing these iconic men’s jeans with a vintage look and a matching jacket, we pair them with another vintage piece: the cuffed sweater. For this classic piece, only KnowledgeCotton Apparel’s Field High Neck Long Stable Knit will work; The navy blue color goes perfectly with sand-colored corduroy jeans and a navy blue jacket. Finally, this vintage men’s ensemble is completed with a sleek and formal pair of Jeffery West Ask Derby Leather Shoes in Navy.

Seamlessly combining vintage clothing trends with modern staples, our retro-inspired looks focus on an element of vintage fashion we’ve never stopped loving: the boldly printed shirt. Worn regularly by celebrities like Harry Styles and Tom Holland, men’s vintage shirts can easily be paired with skinny jeans and trendy sneakers, especially when worn loosely tucked in and partially unbuttoned.

We’ve recreated this popular style by pairing Trojan’s bold printed short sleeve shirt with Replay’s more contemporary Anbass Hyperflex X-Lite repurposed jeans. The black jeans create a simple base that doesn’t compete with the green, navy and pink plaid shirt, leaving the attention right where it belongs. We finished the look with a pair of vintage men’s sneakers from Cruyff, which have a modern touch thanks to the black and white color combination, and a black Duncan belt from Levi’s.

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While classic vintage menswear focuses on a clean, formal style that is perfect for elegant occasions, vintage sportswear is preferred by men who prefer a more relaxed and casual look. Like retro streetwear, this subtrend of vintage-inspired clothing is defined by oversized fits, retro men’s sports sweaters in bold colors, and chunky-soled sneakers.

When creating our own vintage sportswear set, we focused on making oversized streetwear look good by pairing Ellesse’s Moscqui Logo Front Sweatshirt with GANT’s Hallden Navy Twill Skinny Chino Shorts. Featuring a clean color blocking design, the Ellesse Sweatshirt is one of our favorite vintage sweaters for men, and the brand’s famous sports logo on the chest gives the ensemble an added feel of vintage authenticity. For the finishing touch, we added a pair of navy and white New Balance 574 suede sneakers to complement the blue elements of the retro sweater and shorts combo, and tied it all together with a pair of white socks from Ellesse.

While it may seem like a daunting trend at first, creating your own set of vintage-inspired menswear is easier than it seems. If you want to create your own retro look, start by browsing the wide range of men’s jackets, jeans, sweaters and shoes online and choose a classic retro-inspired piece.

Vintage Fashion Inspiration Ideas

Whether it’s a bowling shirt with a bold print or a pair of retro men’s sneakers, build your look with contemporary pieces to create an ensemble that stands up to the decade or keep it classic with other vintage-inspired pieces, the choice is yours. With fall upon us and temperatures dropping, it’s getting harder and harder to resist the temptation to fill your closet by buying tons of new clothes at the nearby mall. We’ve ALL been there, there’s no point in denying it. Unfortunately, it also makes no sense to deny global warming. You can even see how the fashion industry is responding to the climate crisis: Vogue featured Greta Thunberg on its cover and advised people to be aware of the greenwashing lies of famous fast fashion brands.

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